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I like the High Schooler Era.However, some research has shown that the topic has grown from my need for power as I found out that the worlds greatest programmers come from this area. The evolution of some types of games has been taking a slow form of time and often has been labeled as a form of mass media (propaganda). In the typical Eurocentric view, the arch-typical game is a sort of simulation. If it is a mass media game, the role of the mass media is to impose certain views, often contrary to the traditional opinion and authority of "real" politics. However, when you look at Chinese games, the various games fall into different types. The aim of these types is often slightly different. In my view, games that fall into the traditional mass media type are in my view are mainly based on strategy and tactics. The aim of the game is to win. The game design, as in Western mass media type, has been evolving in this direction. Chinese real time strategy, such as Warzone 2100, is basically a game of information management where all players are trying to optimize a value function. The problem to be solved is to choose the most optimal decision (i.e., strategy) that maximizes the value function. This game is about calculating for your decision and then getting the most out of the decision. There is no winning and losing in this game. This is in my view the starting point for Chinese games. If you play this type of game, you will eventually feel that you have reached a level where you have mastered the game. In other words, the game is essentially won at this level. Games of this type have been going on since the 1980s in China. There is a whole generation of Chinese games where this is the style. Of course, what I mean here is an abstract level of game design. In fact, the game design of games is usually guided by some goal in the real world. Most of the Chinese game designers realize that this game, which is just the top of the top game design, is not enough to make the average Chinese citizen feel good. So, Chinese game designers started to create other games that can touch different parts of the people. For example, shopping games or beauty games. However, the Chinese are somewhat similar to the Westerners in the sense that they seem to be the type of people who prefer to play the same type of game over and over. Some research

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